The first legislative election in Afghanistan following the Taliban collapse were held on September 18, 2005. A candidate for these local elections suddenly gathered national strength upon denouncing the new economic system ruling the country. Bashar Dost was minister of the Plan in Hamid Karzai’s pro-west government. In his opinion, the Afghani economy is right now in the hands of 1 935 Non-Governmental Organizations that try to help the country while maintaining an army of western consultants whose standard of living significantly differs from that of the population. Also, each program must be ratified by the government or the UN mission. In both cases, the NGO’s would secretly pay a 20% commission to those in charge of making decisions to have their support. In order to preserve the monopolist position, the NGO’s will stop any attempt to effectively reconstruct the local economy and public service.

Bashar Dost has made an unpublished list of 429 NGO’s whose action he believes will be beneficial to Afghanistan; the list also includes another 1,515 NGO’s, which he accuses of being parasites who live on the international aid, bringing about corruption. This way Bashar Dost has launched a campaign demanding their immediate expulsion.