Today, the UN is holding the greatest meeting of Heads of State and Government in history. As a main tax payer, the United States will have multiple possibilities for action during this crucial summit for the future of the organization. Together with our friends in Europe, Asia and the rest of the world, we will propose critical reforms for the organization in order to make it more responsible, fair and effective.
The UN has been affected by multiple scandals in recent times, but they should not make us forget the achievements of the last 60 years. The UN peacekeeping missions have allowed to save millions of lives. In 15 years, the number of civil wars that have found an end as a result of the negotiations exceeded that of the two previous centuries. In 2004, the UN collaborated in the electoral processes of 20 countries. It also supervised the courts in Rwanda and Yugoslavia, and worked in favour of development in the world. However, there is still a lot to do and this summit offers us the possibility to do it.
It is necessary to reform the UN Human Rights Commission and find a way to overcome the hurdles posed by the so-called “Non-Aligned Movement” when defining terrorism. I have come to the UN together with Henry J. Hyde, author of the UN Reform Act, a law that I disagree with, but that should contribute to reform the UN. It is also the right time for John Bolton to show what he is able to do.

San Francisco Chronicle (United States)

Bringing the U.N. home″, by Tom Lantos, San Francisco Chronicles, September 14, 2005.