The U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Bolton – placed there by George W. Bush – is a great provoker. A few days after his nomination for the UN, Bolton started to put forth his proposals, which consist essentially of asking the UN to make internal reforms in relation to 750 topics. Also, Bolton said in a meeting with Jewish leaders two days ago that he would resort to anything which allows him to defend Israel at the UN.
To justify his fight against the UN, Bolton said that it was time to put an end to the present regulations and limitations to the right of veto within the Security Council. He also accused the UN of opposing Israel. The U.S. Ambassador publicly declared that there is no such name “United Nations”, but only that of “the United States”. Seemingly, Bolton and the U.S. administration want to offer the first reward, and certainly not the last, to Sharon’s government after its retreat from Gaza.
Of course, if we took the UN conflicts into account, Bolton’s wishes would be very unlikely to materialize, at least in the near future. But the fact of introducing such proposals has been regarded as a provocation by all UN members. Moreover, the U.S. Ambassador’s proposals, or rather his demands are only the reflection of the Bush administration’s policy. So, Arab democracy must react before it’s too late and face such provocations.
Let’s recall that Bush senior had promised to suspend the General Assembly’s decision which classified Zionism as a racist movement. At least, he managed to keep his promise even when he never thought himself able to. However, Bush junior does not seem to be satisfied with what his father offered the Hebrew State. The latter wants thus a seat in the Security Council for his close ally.

Daily of the Emirates published in Dubai.
Daily of the Emirates published in Dubai.

طرح استفزازي”, by Mohammed Elkouli, Albayan, September 15, 2005.