Russia might work together with Germany, France and Great Britain to propose a common project for a new nuclear plant. This would be the ideal solution. Within the IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), we discussed with the European troika in order to find out whether we could increase our common presence in Iran through the construction of new blocks. Multiple countries have shown their interest in Iran as the market potential player. For Russia, the best scenario would be to work together with the troika in the construction of a nuclear plant.
In order to develop nuclear energy, Iran has to respect the non-proliferation treaty, but this is a right it has. The main criticisms against Iran, which is to say that with the amount of gas and oil it has it does not need to develop the nuclear sector, is also valid for Russia. Our country has also a highly developed nuclear industry when we actually have a lot of gas and oil. We simply think of the future, economy and exhaustion of resources.

Source (Russian Federation)

Возможно объединение РФ с Германией, Францией и Великобританией для предложения Ирану проекта новой АЭС″, by Alexander Rumiantsev,, September 20, 2005.