The Washington Times, reference newspaper for the American conservatives, is published by the the reverend Moon’s group.

In its weekly edition, dated September 19, 2005, announced on the front page that the Islamic threat is similar to that of the Nazis. The article is signed by Tony Blankley, director of the editorial pages of the newspaper. Former speech-writer for Ronald Reagan and spokesman for Newt Gingrich, Blankey has become a successful commentator with regular night programs on CNN and CNBC networks.

The article announced that the European civilization will disappear during this century under the Muslims’ pressure, unless the Europeans have a “survival reflex”, as we were could see recently with the Netherlands during the wave of attacks against the mosques. But at the moment, they yield to the threat: nowadays it is impossible to walk around the Muslim neighborhoods in Europe, which soon will be as impregnable as Faluja, unless there is a marine’s division. The Muslims forged the election results, prevented some European countries from participating in the liberation of Iraq and opened a gap with the United States. Europe is about to disappear for the benefit of “Eurabia”.

It stated that some Muslims are terrorists, others support their actions and many share their ideas. Then there is a full comparison between the Islamic-Fascism and Nazism to draw the conclusion that we should help the European governments to save their peoples from this terrible threat.

The article boos the European laws against discrimination, which are labelled as weak, and calls for a pogrom of Muslims. It shows full support of Washington’s elite to the ideology of the breaking-off of civilizations and progressive slip towards criminal policies.