For us, relations with Israel are a valuable treasure that must be preserved. We should remember its history and the responsibility it entails. We must adopt a clear position in favour of the close ties with the Jewish community in Germany and, of course, with Israel. Our relations must be intense. I have only granted two interviews to the foreign media, one to the New-Yorker and another to Ha’aretz. I would have loved to visit Israel but the campaign was anticipated and I had no time to do it.
The CDU has been using the orange colour for its campaigns for two years and a half. This choice has nothing to do with the orange revolution in Ukraine or with the actions of those who oppose the withdrawal from Gaza who decided to use the same colour. On the contrary, I strongly support such a withdrawal. It’s a great step taken by Ariel Sharon that may lead to a new approach for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
Anti-Semitism is a serious problem and we’re willing to fight it with determination. This is why we want to develop exchange programs between German and Israeli youngsters.
In Iran we have a common goal: to prevent Teheran from getting nuclear weapons. Considering the difficulties in this country, Iran can not avoid the dialogue. The approach of France, Great Britain and Germany, supported by the United States, is the proper one.

Ha&8217;aretz (Israel)
Reference newspaper for the Israeli intellectual left wing. Property of Schocken family. Circulation: 75 000 copies.

Would-be German chancellor promises to fight anti-Semitism”, by Angela Merkel, Ha’aretz, September 14, 2005. Text adapted from the summary of an interview.