Having the Iraqi people worried about the political game since the first day of occupation was aimed at making them forget their first priority: to clash with occupation forces. The United States and the puppet government of Iraq have tried to break out a civil war with the purpose of weakening the resistance.
After different dramatic situations aimed at reinforcing disagreement and hate among communities, the constitution and its famous articles appeared. This is one of the maneuvers used to gain time and to extend the period of American occupation. Only the resistance turned its back to what’s been called the “political process”, a process aimed at hiding the truth about what’s really happening in the country of the Tigris and the Euphrates. This constitution is the last phase of the country’s colonization. Urging the establishment of a federal system, burying the two main elements of the nation’s identity, the Arab character and the Islam, or announcing sovereignty in the middle of an occupation, prove that those who drafted the constitution are the ones that oppose the withdrawal of the occupying forces.
If we admit that all parts accept a new constitution, if the article about the federation is left out and if the Arab character of the country is confirmed without putting an end to the occupation, would that mean that the country would recover its normal life? Assuming that the constitution also responds to the demands of the Sunnis, who can guarantee the respect to that constitution? In a period of two weeks only, flagrant violations took place, and among them we have the extension of the term of office granted to the National Assembly and the intervention of the American ambassador in Iraq reminding people that he will introduce additional modifications to the constitution that will favour Sunnis.
The United States did not come to Iraq to bring sovereignty, democracy, the constitution, etc. The humiliations and genocide suffered by the Iraqi victims show the real purpose of the occupation. Besides, all political phases that followed the invasion were labelled as historical by President Bush. A protection against the new game implemented by the American ambassador in Iraq aimed at modifying the constitution is needed. Obviously, this ambassador should be expelled and the embassy should be closed and an end should be finally put to the occupation. Modifications are aimed at implementing the strategy applied to the Filipinos. That is, to establish bases in the borders and a puppet government in the centre. Therefore, the articles of the Constitution mean nothing as long as Iraq represents an oil well at the occupying forces’ disposal. Iraq won’t accept being a piece in the hands of the neoconservatives that even the Americans themselves have started to hate.
Iraq has always been the cradle of the Arab-Muslim civilization and the Iraqi people wants a constitution, an army and a state, but they don’t want them to be proposed by the Bush Administration. The Iraqis should link their “no” to the constitution to a “no” to the occupation.

Al Quds Al Arabi (United Kingdom)

الدستور علي الورق فيما الاحتلال علي الارض”, by Hamden Hamden, Alquds al-Arabi , September 26, 2005.