I don’t think Abu Musab al-Zarkawi exists. He died in Northern Iraq at the beginning of the war (his family even made a funeral ceremony in Jordan). Since then, his name has been nothing but a toy, an excuse used by Americans to stay in Iraq. To declare “total war against the Shia” is a way of bringing the occupation forces closer to the population and getting them away from the resistance.
Contrary to what is said, Iraqi forces don’t control the situation in the country. Occupation forces are still in the outskirts of the cities to intervene when necessary.
The constitution draft was written very quickly to meet the American goals but it has nothing to do with the Iraqis’ hopes. I am making a personal call to boycott elections but I know that George W. Bush is already working on his statement regarding the constitution’s success. This doesn’t mean Iraq won’t sink. Those who support the process will try to use Ayatollah Sistani to favour the referendum. This happened in the previous elections. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari is a terrible Prime Minister who has only made the situation worsen.
If we want to save Iraq, a detailed agenda for the withdrawal of troops is needed as well as giving the UN full control of the national powers and organizing a true national dialogue with internationally-controlled elections.

Le Monde (France)

Abou Moussab Al-Zarkaoui est mort. Son nom est utilisé par les occupants pour rester en Irak”, by Cheikh Jawad Al-Khalessi, Le Monde, September 16, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.