Events in Basra are an illustration of the dangers faced by our troops. Six British soldiers and two security guards have given their lives in Iraq in the past eight weeks. In this regard, questions should not be asked to military commanders because they do what it is necessary based on the situation. We should ask the ministers. What actions will be taken to respond to increasing violence in Iraq? What is the exit strategy?
This was an illegal war, on a flawed prospectus, but since the United Kingdom has been involved, it has a moral obligation to rebuild what it has destroyed in Iraq and work towards stability and democracy. The British and American governments have failed to meet this obligation and Iraq is now on the brink of civil war and fragmentation. British troops are doing a wonderful job and we have the obligation not to expose them unnecessarily. And we also have a commitment to the people of Afghanistan, but we have reduced our presence in that country in order to send troops to Iraq. It is not about the most appropriate choice. Our withdrawal from Iraq has to be progressive.
In order to leave, we must incorporate Sunni Arabs into the stabilization process and repair public services. We remain prisoners of events and the government is compelled to bring transparency to its policy.

The Independent (U.K.)

Blair must deliver an exit strategy for our troops”, by Menzies Campbell, The Independent, September 21, 2005.