The definitive liberation of Gaza by the Israelis is an unprecedented and important event the world can’t assess yet. The hope for reconciliation between Arabs and Jews is a possible development model for relations between the haves and the rest of mankind. The prospects for development of the whole globalized civilization depend on the possibility of having Jews and Arabs finding the formula that will help them to live in peace in this small territory.
_ The military and financial power of Israel has not only allowed it to seize the Palestinian territory but to impose its conditions upon the neighbouring Arab countries. General Sharon, who had conquered these lands with the weapons in his arms, has led their liberation today. This has brought about the rage of some Israelis who believe this land was granted to them by God, a real drama in a society with a theocratic government. The facts that the economic control of Israel in the region is so great and that it can seize Damascus, Beirut and Cairo makes it even more dramatic because despite everything, Sharon has decided to evacuate the settlements. Why? After the world wars, the international community can not allow a territorial dispute to be solved by eliminating the adversary. That’s why Israel hardly counted on Europe’s support after the annexation of Gaza. The Israeli use of force in the region can only bring about its isolation.
Unfortunately, the hope of peace after the withdrawal from Gaza is nulled. Too many Arabs will still demand the destruction of Israel even after the withdrawal. There are reasons to believe that in the long term, let’s say in 40 or 50 years, Israel could completely disappeared.
The Arab-Israeli problem is not limited to this region. The world has been destabilized by the Americans who have launched a war in Iraq based on false arguments. If they dare to touch Iran, the number of people willing to die for this Muslims’ sacred land will be countless.
Israel should not act unilaterally. It should look for associates among the Arab countries’ elite, it should stop acting like the big brother and it should look for the friendliness of the Arab world. The European civilization is facing the same situation Israel is currently facing: the Europeans are powerful, they dominate but they’re losing ground since the victory based on the total annihilation of somebody himself and that of the adversary is contrary to the basic values of the European civilization. When this latter one tries to take the opposite direction, for instance like in Iraq, it then meets with a resistance it is not able to counter.

Izvestia (Russia)
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ИЗРАИЛЬ УШЕЛ ИЗ ГАЗЫ. ЖДАТЬ ЛИ МИРА?”, by Viacheslav Irgunov, Izvestia, September 26, 2005.