La Croix, a French catholic newspaper that is owned by the Assumption Church, devoted its front page on October 4, 2005, to the strike movements organized on the eve that day across France and which mobilized a million people. However, the journal came up with the headline “Social test, political test”, by arguing that the French deprivation will be the first test for Dominique Galouzeau de Villepin, within a context “of concern” and “economic situation with no room to maneuver”.

Taking into account the point of view of the economic discourse of the ruling class, La Croix shows no interest in the situation of the French who are living on the threshold of poverty nor in those who fear impoverishment, but in that of the Prime Minister who must exercise his authority in a context of generalized protest.

In addition, by combining strike with political test, La Croix suggested that elections are just a means to establish a majority within the ruling class, while the strike is the only popular intervention which could modify the functioning of a very tight game.