The spokesman of the French government, Jean-François Copé, toured the United States. On October 5, 2005, he gave a lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the title “Modernizing France, Building Europe”. Later, he received the “young leaders’ award” at the Centre for European Affairs of Harvard University.

Copé spared no effort to be recognized by the U.S. elite as an ideal politician. At the beginning of his career, he was trained in Atlantist matters at the French American Foundation, then run by its mentor, John Negroponte, who was famous at that time for his excesses in Latin America; he then became U.S. Ambassador to the UN and governor in Iraq. Currently he is the supervisor of the U.S. secret services as a whole.

In order to complete this information, we have to add that Copé is not the only French political leader trained under the aegis of Negroponte, who has been committed to fostering friendly relations. In the case of Nicolas Bazire (UPM), François Hollande (PS), Bruno Le Roux (PS), Arnaud Montebourg (PS), Pierre Moscovici (PS), Eric Raoult (UPM) and Marisole Touraine (PS), curiously, none of these personalities has ever referred in public to such relations.