The message reads, in particular:

“For Russia as for many other countries, this significant date is yet another occasion to confirm that we adhere to UNESCO’s noble ideals and principles, principles which have a great deal of authority in the international arena and are both respected and trusted by millions of people on the planet.

We greatly value UNESCO’s vigorous efforts to preserve our civilization’s priceless cultural and historical heritage and to expand international ties in the spheres of education, research and communications. The organization also makes a significant contribution to the international community’s struggle with global threats and challenges. And each of the organization’s new long-term programmes is working towards attaining important goals such as maintaining stability and progress through intercultural dialogue and creative partnership in the spheres of culture and education.

Our country is one of UNESCO’s most active members and participates in the implementation of many of its projects. We have many things to be proud of and things to share with the world. Russia, where there is a centuries-old tradition of coexistence between peoples and cultures, is ready to involve its unique experience and huge intellectual potential more effectively in resolving current global problems and enriching international cooperation in the spheres of education and culture.”