Berezovski said he had contributed 15 million dollars to aid Yushchenko’s electoral campaign. If this is confirmed in London to be true, the electoral commission should declare the results of Yushchenko’s election null and void. The Ukrainian law officially forbids any funding coming from abroad. A puppet president in our country is completely out of the question.
Berezovski dedicates his time to make up transnational clans. His interests like those of Tymoshenko’s and businessman Igor Kolomoiski’s were to finance Yushchenko’s electoral campaign to later collect his share, in the form of important Ukrainian assets.
Tymoshenko must be prosecuted by the Russian for her actions and not her words. She implemented a pro-American policy when she was in charge of the energy post. In 2002, when her electoral position in the west of the country could not be weaker, she decided to promote nationalism in the east. Today, we are witnessing the materialization of the geopolitical plan contrived abroad during the formation of the orange power. As Tymoshenko is not now part of the government, nobody will be able to accuse her of its political failure – a great advantage on the eve of the 2006 parliamentary elections. The purpose of her trip to Moscow was to clear any charges against her and thus have the opportunity to take her supporters to power. Her financial interests are stronger than that of the country.
A third party wrote the script of this political game abroad. After all, Yushchenko and Tymoshenko are in the family and after the 2006 electoral campaign they will come together again. Any disagreements between them will only enable to gather more votes. Counting on a majority in Parliament, their representatives will do everything within reach to join NATO and the WTO and enhance their collaboration with GUAM against Russia.
Right now, the president, together with Kuchma, is trying to earn Yanukovych’s friendliness so that the latter won’t disturb Tymoshenko in the southern or eastern side of the country. The regional party will never pose any opposition. The political repression of which the white-blues talk about is in fact a mechanism through which beaten oligarchs should compensate the winners. We are not before a revolution but before a war of millionaires vs. multimillionaires. They are very likely to reach an agreement.
The socialists or Vladimir Litvin’s popular party are only a part of the “Orangist” tactics. I can’t say that Moscow is supporting one or the other. Opinions should include integration, the defense of the Slavic people’s interests. We must find out what politicians want, whether incomes on time from Crimea or a real economic community. As communists, we are worried about such interests.

Vremya Novostyey (Russia)

“Ющенко и Тимошенко будут дружить семьями”, by Piotr Simonenko, Vremya Novostyey, October 7, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.