George W. Bush was respectful with Vladimir Putin during the last meeting they had. This was an attitude the Russian president accepted with arrogance by just being polite or caustic sometimes with regard to the foreign policy of the United States. We have not seen such imbalance in relations between the United States and Russia (or between the United States and the Soviet Union) since Yalta, 1945.
Surreptitiously, Putin accused the United States of being an accomplice to the Beslan massacre and he wants the withdrawal of the American bases in the Caucasus. He is also demanding the withdrawal of the foreign troops from Iraq. Putin supports Iran and he is working on joint military manoeuvres with China by simulating an invasion against Taiwan. But in view of the excessive deployment of American troops and after hurricane Katrina hit US territories, he is in a powerful position. If the United States does not respect Moscow, Russia will equip some states with military supplies. Putin’s speech is: I may not be perfect, but things could be worse when I am gone. Such policy is not good for Russia, but it’s the strategy of the Russian president.

Washington Times (United States)
Propriété du révérend Sun Myung Moon (Église de l’Unification).

Obseqiousness toward Putin”, by Andrei Piontkovsky, Washington Times, September 29, 2005.