Actually, we are not different from Pora. We just take different actions. We share the same goal: to support and promote democracy. The Institute for Democracy is an international organization; but our headquarters are just in Kiev.
Usually, in democratic countries, youngsters want to either save or change the world. In Germany, for example, where everything is beautiful and no major changes have to be made, youngsters go to Africa to save it. Obviously we are not in Africa, but somehow we have been also lucky to have other organizations here. That initiative contributes to build a better world. When we fight for democracy in Azerbaijan or Belarus, then we also defend democracy in Ukraine. It is an important principle for democratic countries that people also mobilize for other countries’ democracy. Our priority focuses the states of the former Soviet Union for we have things in common and most of the people there speak Russian. Azerbaijan and Belarus are two countries where the prescription of a non-violent revolution, based on Serbia and Ukraine’s model, could work out. The people in those countries have already had an experience about democracy. Elections will soon be held and especially –it is an important area for a movement like ours- the majority of the people is concentrated in urban centres.
We are an informal network. It is like Internet. The network does not have a structure-based organization. That’s why it is strong. It is not a strict network with precise rules for its members. We are just a political kind of people who want to change the world and improve it, that’s all. Who could do that in our home? We feel that we must do it; it is not a rational decision. When Africa is saved, it is not a rational decision either. It is your heart that tells you to do it.

Deutsche Welle (Germany)

Demokratie-Export aus der Ukraine″, by Serguei Taran, Deutsche Welle, September 29, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.