In a letter addressed to the President of the French Republic, 49 UMP deputies expressed their “aversion” to the Turkish inclusion. The word used says much more about us than about the targeted ones.
The long history of relations between Turkey and the European Union can not be reduced to treaties; above all, it is the history of reciprocal representations and of what is concealed. In fact, what Europeans should handle is the difference, the core of this relations. Identity, fears, ghosts, and not xenophobia and racism, could be legitimate reasons to reject the candidacy of a country, a society, a culture that has so much to give to the European Union. It’s sad to see a great part of a political class facing the nationalist intentions of Austria and Cyprus.
With regard to the Cypriot issue, Turkey should recognize this state before joining the European Union, but this includes, above all, the reunification of the island which is something Ankara supports. New concessions about this can not be demanded to Turkey, for it’s up to the Cypriot people to solve this problem.
There are problems in Turkey, of course. Democracy and the human rights situation are not perfect (is there a place where they are?). However, a lot has been done. The inclusion of Turkey is an opportunity to promote peace among cultures.

Libération (France)
Libération followed a long path since its creation by philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre to its acquisition by financier Edouard de Rothschild. Circulation: 150,000 copies.

Turquie: mauvais prétextes”, by Semih Vaner, Libération, October 3, 2005.