Human Right Watch, an international organization that defends human rights and has close ties with the U.S. Democratic Party, has disclosed for the first time accounts of U.S. soldiers who have practiced tortures in Iraq.
In a report that was recently released by the organization, three soldiers of the 82nd airborne division from Fallujah base, stated with hypocritical repentant, shocking details of the treatment they gave to Iraqi detainees:

“Torture was a way to keep them under pressure before interrogation”.

“Sometimes, tired of these interrogations and in order to have fun, we had them all sit on a corner to make a pyramid”.

“Everybody knew that to work out frustration you show up at the PUC tent (Person Under Control, term for detainees).
“In a way it was sports”.

The executioners have stated several times that torture orders came directly from members of the “Military Intelligence” division before the interrogations took place and emphasized on the complicity of superior officers, who were fully aware of these extended abuses.