Millions of Iraqis are voting today for their first constitutional referendum despite terrorist threats. This constitution has been drafted by and for Iraqis, and will be the basis for a free, peaceful and democratic country. It’s the project of a federal Iraq with division of powers.
The executive power will have the same attributions as ours and there will be a Supreme Court with important powers – unique and with a right to interpret Iraq’s law. There will be regional governments, but they will not have the same attributions as the central power – guarantor or Iraq’s unity. The project wisely delegates some decisions to the next assembly, which should lead Sunnites to participate in upcoming elections. The new electoral law will give Sunnites the greatest weight by granting them a permanent number of representatives, whatever their participation. Sunnite Arabians understand such efforts and respond by becoming more committed.
If the results of the referendum were negative, the elected Assembly in December would draft a new project. After all, our own constitution has also had various amendments.

Washington Post (United States)

"Iraq’s Democratic Determination", by Stephen Hadley, Washington Post, October 15, 2005.