The need of an alliance between the new Iraq and the United Kingdom is evident after the events of the past weeks. Terrorism, revolts in Basora and the assassination of the leader of the Anglican Church of Iraq have proved the battle in Iraq can not be won through withdrawal and compromise. Above all, Great Britain does not have to apologize for liberating a slaved country from its tyrant. It must maintain its decision.
Today, we have realized containment did not work. This is what the scandal about the “oil for food”, program, a program degenerated by Saddam Hussein regime, shows. In addition, the dictator tried to get North Korean long-range missiles through Syria. It’s true that weapons of mass destruction were not found in Iraq, but keeping him in power meant he could reactivate the armament program any moment.
Making a new Iraq is necessary and that’s why I asked Tony Blair to keep the British troops there. British people have not realized how much democracy has advanced in Iraq and they should not consider Basora’s hooligans as the representatives of the people that has, en masse, challenged terrorism to cast its vote. Terrorists do not have the popular support.

The Times (United Kingdom)

Iraq’s message to Mr Blair: we still need the troops that saved us from tyranny”, by Jalal Talabani, Times, October 10, 2005.