The constitutional process implemented in Iraq has brought hope to the Iraqis for this is the first text whose draft has been supervised by an elected assembly and, and whatever the result of the referendum, what matters is this occurrence of democratic debate.
The efforts made by the Assembly before the referendum took place, turned out to be a real success. The creation of a Drafting Committee, larger than the Assembly, aimed at mitigating the lack of participation of a denominational and ethnic component in Iraq helped to put up with the problem. This allowed each group in Iraq to be part of the process, which is an important element. At the end, Iraqi voters will decide if they want to be ruled according to this constitution in the foreseeable future. We can expect a better participation than in January.
Another important element is that the National Assembly has respected the demands of the provisional constitution, something the observers have not foreseen. The Transition Law stipulates a rigorous program for the Assembly aimed at drafting a first version of the Constitution and the Assembly has respected its limits. The Iraqi legislative body has understood it was bound by constitutional principles and the power of law.
Likewise, most Iraqi political leaders should not modify this text in a set period of time to make the Constitution stronger. It’s obvious that the government to be established in Iraq should be constitutional and not personal. The American administration was right when it decided not to put Iraq’s future in the hands of a caudillo, as some wanted.

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