Whatever the result of the Iraqi vote is, on October 15, the constitutional project is a harmful text produced by an inappropriate process.
At present, many observers believe that the American and British presence has a negative effect in the internal situation of Iraq. Thus, the sooner the troops abandon the country, the better everything will be. The real problem is finding a way to get out of the country without making chaos worse. This is the reason why the hope of many people lies in the constitution. However, this is a false hope and if the project is passed, it would be out of the control of the United States and the United Kingdom.
In fact, considering that the Iraqis in power today do nothing but to obey Teheran, the ratification of a constitutional treaty drafted by them will only serve to support Iran. Due to this text, the secular and pro-western Sunnis have turned themselves to Wahhabism and this will continue if a text they consider as an instrument to marginalize them is passed.
It’s important to count again on the participation of the Sunnis and to exclude the pro-Iranian leadership. But, neither the United States nor the United Kingdom can do it. Therefore, we have to turn to the European Union, the Arab League and the UN.

The Independent (U.K.)

The last thing Iraq needs now is the passing of its draft constitution”, by Scott Ritter, The Independent, October 2, 2005.