The Bush administration was right when it quickly reacted to the UN report that links Syria to the assassination of Rafic Hariri. The United States and France would work today in the drafting of two resolutions that demand the Bachar El Assad government justify its actions. Washington has many reasons to pressure Damascus, considering its support of foreign terrorists and the Sunni uprising in Iraq. But the very same Mehlis report demands urgent reaction.
Syria must be forced to cooperate and the crimes ordered by the state should be punished in the Middle East. Since the fall of Saddam Hussein, the only regime supporting terrorism is Assad’s. Some affirm he is a victim of the supporters Syria’s hard liners, but the Mehlis report says the opposite. We should do with Syria the same as we did with Libya in 1988.

Washington Post (United States)

Accountability for Syria”, by the editorial team of the Washington Post, Washington Post, October 22, 2005.