French comedian and militant Dieudonné Mbala Mbala participated in the international conference Axis for Peace, organized by Voltaire Network on November 17 and 18, 2005, in Brussels. Regarding the media coverage of the violence in the French suburbs and the image that the media portrays of black or Muslim people he said: “Today, there is a generalized racism, a liberated racist speech that goes beyond what the extreme right dared to say a few years ago. The colonialism that affects the Palestinian people has resulted in a racist speech without any complexes in Zionist media that can be found in today’s ‘communitarian’ treatment”.
The humorist participated in a panel session on popular sovereignty in which he insisted on the need to have freedom of speech and the right to laugh at everything. Disappointed by the racist contagion of the French media, Dieudonné said: “There is not much left to expect from leftist movements that have given in to the Zionist lobby. It is necessary to create new movements, to have a new attitude. The only chance to get information free of that racist speech is through these movements and media developed on the internet.”