During his intervention at the Axis for Peace international conference, the vice president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), Enrique Román Hernández, spoke about the impunity that terrorist Luis Posada Carriles still enjoys in the United States: “Luis Posada Carriles currently has the personal protection of the Bush family and their clan. He is very close to George Bush Sr. and he has been involved in so many terrorist acts and dirty maneuvers by the United States that they can not hand him over.” According to his words, “Cuba is ready to face the aggressions of the United States. For decades, we have been suffering the terrorist attacks organized from and by the United States. Likewise, we resisted the Bay of Pigs invasion. Today, we can resist another offensive.” However, Enrique Román Hernández expressed his concern about the destabilization maneuvers that could take place after the death of the Cuban president: “When Fidel Castro dies, and he is not a young man anymore, the United States will try something. We want a continuation of the Revolution after his death. The United States, for its part, speaks of a transition but, behind that term, they hide a return to the mafia regimes of yesterday.” Enrique Román is a journalist and diplomat. He was the director of the Granma newspaper, president of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television and later ambassador to Lebanon and Jordan. He is also a member of the Center of Strategic Studies of the Higher Institute of Foreign Relations of Havana.