“There is an important activity going on to penetrate the Arab World through the Evangelical Church in order to support the US policies in the region” – said Charles Saint-Prot at the Axis for Peace International Conference, organized by the Voltaire Network on November 17-18, 2005 in Brussels. Director of the Observatory for Geopolitical Studies and expert on the Arab World, Charles Saint-Prot expressed his concern about the activity of this church in Iraq which looks to push the country into an exclusive Muslim one. “The Evangelical Church is now aiming at the Christian communities in the Arab World, converting them and supporting their exile, particularly in Iraq. The Evangelical Church assists those communities, which like all others in Iraq are suffering the invasion and the insecurity it causes, in leaving their places; its purpose: to build, in the place of a poly-religious society, an exclusively Muslim world, easier to denounce within the “clash of civilizations” rhetoric”. Going back to the links between the Evangelical Church and the US agencies, Saint-Prot said – “In the US state mechanism there is an ambivalent relation with the Evangelical Church. On the one hand, there are people such as George W. Bush who are sincerely convinced by the ministers of this church and who have faith in their precepts; on the other hand, there are the agencies and the neo-cons who use the Evangelical Church as an instrument to reach their geo-strategic goals. The US has a behavior and an approach similar to that of a European power in the 1930’s”– went on Saint-Prot. A totalitarian approach imposed by a reduced circle of neo-cons and Christian fundamentalists who have just constituted a sort of “state inside the state”. The pressures on Syria are part of a global will to “get the Arabs on their knees and force them to negotiate peace agreements with Israel”. The US has used the same words it used for Iraq when accusing Syria of encouraging terrorism, trying to obtain mass destruction weapons and being the gateway to foreign combatants in Iraq. However, as Saint-Prot pointed out – “The foreign combatants in Iraq are the British and US soldiers plus their mercenaries”. France, in a dramatic and unforgettable u-turn in its foreign policy, has joined the US this time.