Since a few days ago, a band of faithless and lawless individuals have not hesitated to shoot real bullets at the representatives of the Republic, loot, steal and set schools on fire. A man was killed in front of his family and a disabled woman trapped on a bus, doused with gasoline and burnt. In the face of such a wave of violence, it is necessary to avoid political infiltration and show insight. What is threatened is civil peace, the republican order and the life of our fellow citizens.
The strategy used by this government since four years ago is the right one: the only possible one. The previous policy, which was too soft, caused an explosion of crimes and offences. Our approach caused the dramatic lessening of the number of crimes. Learning nothing from their consecutive failures or from that vast movement of popular indignation that ended on April 21, 2002, the socialists, who were responsible for our security, still persist in their mistake. I advocate a closer policing but only if it does not replace investigators and interrogators – everyone to his own business. Mediators exist for dialogue; the forces of law and order have been devised first of all to stop criminals. This may be the real change and the origin of all current clashes. We won’t tolerate any more “no go” zones where organized crime and mobster trafficking reign as the sole master. We will restore order in those territories that have been left in neglect.
My name is booed by the bands terrorizing the neighborhoods. I don’t care. That’s normal. I’d be bewildered if they did otherwise. Although criminals and bandits obviously don’t support our security policy, the French people do because we offer more protection to the victims.

Le Monde (France)

Notre stratégie est la bonne”, by Nicolas Sarkozy, Le Monde, November 5, 2005.