The riots caused by Muslim youngsters since October 27 in
France following the “Allahou Akbar” expression could
change history in Europe. The revolts that began in the
Paris region have now spread to 300 French cities, Belgium
and Germany. It’s the end of Frances’s cultural innocence:
the country is discovering the problems related to the
Muslim presence and this concern will last decades. Such
problems are the decline of the Christian faith and the
demographic collapse associated with it, social assistance
in favour of immigrants but to the detriment of the
economy, the unconcern of customs to favour
multiculturalism, the inability to control the borders,
the amount of crimes that make European cities more
dangerous than American ones and the boom of Islam and
radical Islam.
These are the first riots related to the Muslim presence
(which began in France in 1979 [1]) but such
facts are different from the others because of their
duration, magnitude, planning and ferocity. However, the
French media prefer to see social reasons and deny all
possible links with the propagation of the Islamic
ideology. The northwestern European Muslims have
implemented three different ways of jihad: terrorism in
Great Britain, assassinations in the Netherlands and riots
in France. When the British attacks were considered to be
unproductive, they developed, undoubtedly, the French and
Ducth methods.
Nicolas Sarkozy
adopted the hard line to face violence whereas Dominique
de Villepin
was more conciliatory. The French can react in
three different ways. They can feel guilty and therefore
try to pacify the rebels by granting them the prerogatives
and the massive investments some demand; wait until the
situation is over and then deny the problem or rectify the
guilty indulgence of the last decades. Despite Nicolas
Sarkozy’ rise in the polls, I fear this might be the
result of the mixture of the first two methods applied by
Dominique de Villepine.

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[1Note: the selection of the
date has its meaning for Daniel Pipes who believes that
WWIV, which brings the West face to face with the Islam,
began in 1979 with the Iranian revolution.