We have already indicated in our columns how the French minister of the interior, Nicolas Sarkozy, declared a candidate for presidential elections in 2007, had used the debate “about” the Islamic veil to introduce the “Clash of civilizations” into the French public debate. He had further resorted to the fear of terrorism to launch his electoral campaign.
Currently, when France is the location of violent acts in some sensitive urban areas, the Minister-candidate and president of the UMP, is taking advantage of the developments to promote himself politically. In this regard, he stirred up the fire by coming up with provocative statements and orchestrating a publicity campaign on the Internet through the search engine Google.
The online paper ZDNet indicated that UMP had requested the “enchanter of the new mass media”, borrower of official technical services of the French Conservative Party, to place some micros in some of the key words that the Internet surfers might consult. Similarly, if “banlieues” was written (suburban communities), “racaille” (rabble) or “voiture brûlée” (burnt car), there was a link to a request for support from Nicolas Sarkozy.
It appears that today everything counts to promote the neoconservative revolution that the Minister of the Interior and his American friends wish for France.