“The Security Council congratulates the people of Afghanistan on the confirmation of the final results of the parliamentary and provincial council elections. The successful holding of these elections has demonstrated the broad commitment of Afghan voters to democracy and freedom in their country, and the Council welcomes that the completion of the confirmation process has paved the way toward the timely inauguration of the new parliament and thus to the conclusion of the Bonn political process.

“The Security Council commends all Afghans for having taken this step and calls on them, and in particular, the representatives-elect and other former candidates, to remain fully committed to peace, the constitution, the rule of law and democracy in Afghanistan.

“The Security Council, in this connection, reiterates its appreciation to all those who contributed to the electoral process, and extends special appreciation to the Joint Electoral Management Body and the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, for their dedication. The Security Council also reiterates its endorsement of the efforts of the Afghan Security Forces, with the support of the International Security Assistance Force and the Operation Enduring Freedom coalition, within their respective responsibilities, to improve the safety and stability of the country.

“The Security Council hopes for the prompt appointment of all members of the House of Elders (Meshrano Jirga).

“The Security Council reaffirms the importance for the international community to maintain a high level of commitment to assisting Afghanistan in addressing its remaining challenges, in particular in the fields of security, including fighting terrorist and narcotics threats, governance and development.

“The Security Council supports the central and impartial role the United Nations continues to play for the consolidation of peace and stability in Afghanistan and coordination of the relevant international efforts and welcomes consultations initiated by the Government of Afghanistan and the United Nations on the post-Bonn process.

“Finally, the Security Council stresses that violence in any form intended to disrupt the democratic process in Afghanistan will not be tolerated. The Council unequivocally condemns all recent attacks in Afghanistan, including the attacks against the International Security Assistance Force, and expresses its deepest sympathies to the victims, both Afghan and international, and their families, as well as to the troop contributors of ISAF.”

Ref: SC/8562