In his speech at the International Conference Axis for Peace, held on November 17 and 18, 2005, Polish representative Mateusz Piskorski condemned the Trojan-Horse-role that Poland plays in Europe to the benefit of the US. “Poland, in fact, has been used as the Trojan Horse of the United States in the European Union”, said sadly the Polish representative. “Poland is also an agent of the United States in Eastern Europe. It was involved in what was called the ‘orange revolution’ in Ukraine where power was given to members of the IMF. The war in Iraq is not only a war against the Arab world but against Europe.” With regard to the CIA secret prisons in Europe, Mateusz Piskorski, who is also a journalist and a political scientist at the University of Szczecin, stated: “We can not say they transported prisoners to be tortured. But we can affirm that CIA planes did land in our country.” The Polish representative put emphasis on the historical character of the first conference Axis for Peace. “It’s the first step of an alliance against the hegemony of the United States”, he said.