In this globalized new century everything is faster and these changes must be dealt with, instead of opposing them. Europe must be part of this changing world based on respect of our values and principles. The European Union is the best mechanism for Europeans to deal with this challenge because together we have the necessary strength to have an influence on the big decisions at world level. Unfortunately, Europe will have to face today’s challenges with the current treaties. It will take some time for the Constitution to be implemented. We have to use the treaties we have and the European Commission will play a key role in such an effort.
The Commission is focusing on employment and growth. By supporting reforms, it can help in the economic recovery of Europe. The Commission proposes European legislations that can also be good for the environment and the struggle against organized crime and terrorism. In all these areas, as well as in the economy, the Commission promises better regulations, not disorder.
Europe must reach an agreement about its budget quickly so that it can invest on research, regional cohesion and thus, foster growth. Unfortunately, those who demand these policies are not willing to provide the necessary funds to do it. Likewise, globalization makes the foreign role of the Commission more important in the stabilization of the European Union’s neighbouring countries.
Our values have not changed. What’s different now is the international context. Therefore, we must make the necessary adjustments.

International Herald Tribune (France)
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Europe must open up to the globalized world”, by José Manuel Barroso, International Herald Tribune, September 20, 2005.