Is there a link between military operations in Shaba’s farms, where Israel and the Hezbollah are involved, the internal crisis of the Hebrew State and, finally, the Iraqi preparatory meeting and its resolutions?
After announcing in public his rupture with the Likud, the Israeli Prime Minister went to the next phase, that is, the creation of his own political party. Consequently, its foundation should not go unnoticed. Thus, it should attack a front to guarantee its supremacy and arrogance. The target could only be the Hezbollah in the southern part of Lebanon. Likewise, Sharon’s important role in the Iraqi front must be maintained.
A war against the Hezbollah will undoubtedly impact the whole region because its purpose, that is, to attack the militants in the southern part of Lebanon, is represented by the two main actors in the regional scenario: Iran and Syria. Since the position of Damascus is weak, Sharon only needs an excuse to launch an attack.
With the unexpected attack against farms in Shaba, the Israeli Prime Minister wanted to begin a new era that would allow him to put things in order after his withdrawal from Likud. In addition, there’s no reason to believe that Sharon will be happy with what he has just done for Israel as a mission to accomplish, that is, to pressure Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Iraq at the same time.

Al Watan (Kuwait)

ترتيبات شارون”, by Zouhair Madjed, Al Watan, November 23, 2005.