VLADIMIR PUTIN: Dear Mr Prime Minister!

Allow me to warmly welcome you to Moscow. It is a great honour for us to receive the head of state of India, a country which we consider one of our friends.

Relations between India and the Russian Federation have a very strategic character and we also note that their quality is constantly improving.

Mr Prime Minister, we know that we have problems we should address. For example, there is still a great deal to do in the development of our trade and economic relations. I am confident that during your visit we will be able to talk about our international cooperation, the struggle against terrorism, our political relations and to revive the development of our trade and economic relations.


MANMOHAN SINGH: Your Excellency!

Allow me to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a warm reception in Russia. I completely agree with you that Indian-Russian relations are special ones. For us, Russia is a trusted and constant friend. We highly value our friendship which has now also become a strategic partnership. These mutual relations are very important for us.

Your excellency, you have made a very significant personal contribution to strengthening the strategic partnership between Russia and India. I come on behalf of the government and the people to thank you in person for the significant personal contribution you have made towards strengthening relations between our countries.