Every day, the Atlantist media continues reporting only about civilian victims of attacks that are attributed, with no evidence, to fundamentalist terrorists or supporters of Saddam Hussein. It also fails to mention the possibility of a strategy of the tension aimed at justifying the unlimited occupation of the country and Coalition control over the second largest oil reserves in the world. Fortunately, the leaking of different reports contradicts on a regular basis this false representation devised by the Pentagon.
Thus, a video attributed to a member of the United Kingdom-based mercenary association, Aegis Defense Services, which was online on the personal website of an employee of the same firm and quickly removed in view of surfers’ reactions, showed the occupant of a vehicle, visibly in an advanced status of paranoia, blindly shooting an automatic weapon at any vehicle that approached too close on a long journey around Baghdad. The music of Elvis Presley added a cynical tone to a documentary that, in the registry of terror, has no reason to be envious of the tortures in Abou Ghraib. On the one hand, it clearly shows that occupants are a privileged target of suicide attacks, but also the full impunity enjoyed by the occupation troops and their assistants in a country officially “free of tyranny” and towards democracy.
The association Aegis Defense Services is run by a former officer of the Scots Guards Tim Spicer, who was involved in the past in breaking UN sanctions in Sierra Leone as well as in an attempted coup in Papua New Guinea. Aegis was granted a security contract in Iraq that amounts to 293 million dollars.
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