That night, when Orianna Fallaci received the Ann Taylor award, she did not hesitate when repeating the truth with a clear and strong voice: “We believe we live in democracy, but the fact is we live in weak regimes led by despotism and fear.” Western leaders are paralyzed by fear, they are afraid to denounce the disastrous aspect of the Islamic sharia that jihad supporters want to impose upon the rest of the world. In their minds, the fear of getting upset with Muslims is bigger than the fear of national or civilizational suicide. Since September 11, all Europe has been suffering from a new McCarthyism and the grand inquisitors of the Left chase and keep others quiet. And these intellectuals are seriously damaging Western unity, will and cultural identity.
Islamic terrorism is not the main weapon used by the followers of Allah in their war against us. It is nothing but a cruel aspect of this war. It is not the most destructive or catastrophic one either. In the long term, Muslims’ uncontrolled immigration is more dangerous for Europe. More than 25 million Muslims have invaded Europe (illegals are not included). This figure will be doubled by year 2016 and, as Bernard Lewis rightly predicted, this massive flow will create, undoubtedly, a Muslim Europe between the present and year 2100.
This immigration has not been accompanied by a voluntary integration or assimilation of the Muslims. The other immigrants have melted themselves into the European civilization. But Muslims have not. They do not even learn our language; they just follow the customs and the rules of sharia. They don’t want to learn European values; on the contrary, they want to impose their own customs and ways of living upon us. They don’t want to integrate, they want us to integrate into them. The army of the prophet needs warriors no longer. It already has the immigrants that were truly welcomed by the troops of the deviant multiculturalists. Europeans are the future comanches, cherokees, and Sioux: “We will be taken to reservations” explains Fallaci. In fact, some Muslim leaders in Europe, confident of their supremacy, consider non-Muslim Europeans as “indigenous peoples” or “aborigines».
How to react to this situation? Establishing a dialogue with Muslim leaders? Trying to reinforce moderate Islam. Fallaci opposed these two options. Muslims are not willing to give anything to anybody. There’s no moderate Islam. It’s an invention of our multiculturalist, politically obliging and weak elites. A moderate Muslim is someone who does not cut our necks. It’s a person that dresses like a Westerner but does not make Western values his own.
There’s no good or bad Islam. Just Islam. And Islam is the Koran. And the Koran is the Mein Kampf of such movement. The Koran demands the annihilation or the submission of others, it demands the establishment of a dictatorship and not a democracy. You just have to read it to see that all crimes committed by Allah’s followers against themselves and us are written there. The future of our civilization depends on our understanding of this and our resistance to it.

Frontpage Magazine (États-Unis)

Fallaci: Warrior in the Cause of Human Freedom”, by Robert Spencer, FrontPage Magazine, November 30, 2005.