Near an advertisement for the latest console video game financed by the Pentagon and whose designers “do not rely on their imagination”, the latest information note from the U.S. army announces that a Republican Congressman from the State of New Hampshire, James Splaine, has proposed to reduce the legal age limit for the consumption of alcohol in the said State... only for military recruits. Thus, while his civil fellow citizens must wait until they turn 21 to legally consume alcohol and avoid being administered a 500 dollars fine, a soldiers between 18 and 21 would only pay a modest 10 dollars fine, which means giving them the privilege to be “rewarded for their courage”, said the article.
When it is known that some American youngsters often travel hundreds of kilometers to consume alcohol in the States where their age gives them the right to do so, imagine how attractive such a law is for potential recruits who unfortunately need the army, not to mention that soldiers who are back from Iraq and Afghanistan will find alcohol consumption as something to drown their war traumas without bothering anyone.