Jalal Talabani visited Iran recently to meet with the Iranian authorities. This is a sign of the positive and influential role of the Islamic Republic in the political life of Iraq. This visit was made after the celebration of the Iraqi National Reconciliation Conference held in Cairo, which was a success thanks to the Iranian presence. Iran keeps working on its policy to favour the unity and the territorial integrity of Iraq.
However, Iraq’s neighbouring countries today are affected by its disorder. In view of this situation, Iran urges Iraqi leaders to solve their problem by having debates. Even when some neighbouring countries try to reduce the positive and constructive role of Iran by using Pan Arabism, Iraq’s favourable attitude has helped to neutralized this plot. Currently, Teheran is helping in the organization of pacific elections in Iraq next December 15. Such elections will bring about the stability of the political structure of Iraq.
In addition, we are involved in the struggle against the Arab terrorists that destabilize Iraq and murder innocent people.

Tehran Times (Iran)

Iran’s influential role in Iraq”, by Hassan Hanizadeh, Tehran Times, November 23, 2005.