Led by George W. Bush, the US seems to attack the democratic principles today in Europe; the principles that the US tries to spread all over the world. It hasn’t always been so. There were times when Europe and the US ushered in the civilized values, but this has changed now. Hardly a week elapses before a US or European action against such values is unveiled.
The Daily Mirror made public that the US and the UK planned together the bombing of Al-Jazeera in Qatar. The Los Angeles Times daily revealed that the US Defense Department paid Iraqi “journalists” for publishing articles in Arabian that praised the benefits of the occupation. The CIA is currently known to own detention centers in Europe. At the same time, the Bush administration spreads in Europe the tendencies that give priority to security issues, brings the European countries face to face and bolsters the rightist coalitions in national elections (such as in Germany). With this purpose, the Bush administration relies on scholars such as Bernard Henry Levy or his partner Alain Finkielkraut.
This proves how dangerous it may turn to pass to the US the representation of the “democratic consciousness”.

Dar Al-Hayat (UK)
Dar al Hayat is a UK-based Arab newspaper about international politics. With a circulation of 110 000 copies, this paper mixes sheer information articles with a large number of analyses and publications written by intellectuals from the Arab world. One of the most excelling members on the editorial staff team is Jihad Al Khazen - a figure detested by the U.S. neo-con editorialists. Originally Lebanese, the daily was purchased by Saudi Prince and Marshall Khaled ibn Sultan in 1990.

The Ordeal of Europe and Democracy with … Bush”, by Hazem Saghieh, Dar Al-Hayat, December 6, 2005.