The “top secret” report published by the British press about George W. Bush’s intention of attacking Al Jazeera offices in Doha and other places, confirmed that Bush is out of his mind. On the other hand, the occupant of the White House showed his madness from the very same moment that he said he’d had discussions with God on whose behalf, and that of the American supremacy, he has continued his war all over the world.
However, this explosive-and-not-translated-into-facts story was made public some days after the scandal provoked by the use of weapons of mass destruction in Fallujah. An Italian network broadcast the information related to this scandal. This proves that the European countries involved in the Iraqi war began to denounce the policy of the Bush Administration by means of their own media.
We’re dealing with a criminal obsessed with war and destruction. As long as this man, who can be described as “Dracula”, stays in the White House, he represents a threat to mankind. Bush and his allies have launched a war “against terror” in which they no longer discern what’s military or civilian or what the battlefield or the civilian targets are. They don’t hesitate either when they have to eliminate journalists whose mission is none other than to let people know the truth.
The report shows that the attacks against Al Jazeera offices in Kabul and Baghdad twice were planned in advanced. Similar crimes prove that Bush should be prosecuted. A just trial will let mankind live in peace finally. The war “against terror” should be launched against the American Administration and its President who did not hesitate when he decided to attack Al Jazeera for having revealed the atrocities committed by his soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The pressures of the American president and his allies upon the Qatari network only encourage its journalists to multiply their efforts to reveal, once again, the scandals of the neo-conservatives.

Al-Shaab (Egypt)
Al-Shaab is an Egyptian opposition newspaper whose office was closed by the government. Since then, its publications are only available on its Internet site.

قناة الجزيرة و جنون الرئيس الأمريكي”, by Amer Abdelmonem, Al-Shaab, November 25, 2005.