The Comintern or Communist International was created in 1919 by Lenin and its purpose was to use all possible means to found an international Soviet Republic. In 1935, Stalin amended that doctrine to allow the creation of the People’s Fronts against Fascism in Europe, then a USSR top priority. Due to that change in doctrine, Trotsky branded Stalin as a “reformist”, which cost Trotsky his life by a Stalinist in 1940.
But Trotskyism did not die with Leon Trotsky. It changed. Now it does not try to carry out a permanent revolution in favor of international communism but of the global democracy. This is the program wielded by the neo-cons of the Bush administration and of the party of Ronald Reagan. They have used the taxpayers’ money to create a new Comintern: the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). For 20 years it was directed by Carl Gershman – a Socialist Party member before becoming an active member of the democrat party and an advocate of senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson whose team was composed of as follows: Richard Perle, Frank Gaffney, Elliott Abrams. The neo-cons also took possession of the Freedom House (FH) whose former president James Woolsey declared Russia “not free” and encourages the war on “Islamo-fascism”
NED, Freedom House and other think tanks are used to regularly interfering with the internal affairs of the states. By publicly announcing their fight for democracy, neo-cons actually charge at all those regimes that don’t suit their standards. Regardless of what one may think of Hugo Chavez, it can’t be denied that he has always been elected democratically. When neo-cons dislike a regime, they arrange the way to overthrow it as happened with the orange revolution in Ukraine. In order to avoid such a maneuver in Russia, Vladimir Putin gets ready to expel from his country all those who organize such actions.
Why doesn’t the US mind its own business?

Source (United States)

Putin vs. the Neo-Comintern”, by Patrick J. Buchanan,, November 30, 2005.