Likely, Iran will get the atomic weapon and the world won’t be able to prevent it. Our only hope is not to see the Islamic Republic of Iran in the hands of a crazy man. This is what I deduced from my conversation with eminent neoconservative intellectual David Brooks in Washington. In this, he is right. Iranians want the weapons of mass destruction. Like the Pakistanis, they think its their right. The difference is that Teheran has clearly expressed its intention of using them against Israel whereas Pakistan wants them for defensive purposes. I also think Brooks is right when he says that, whether we like it or not, and contrary to Iraq, Iran’s nuclear facilities are not located in the same place, as in the case of Osirak. Therefore, their destruction is not easy. I also believe Brooks is right when he affirms there’s no real opposition between Bin Laden’s Sunni followers and Teheran Shiites: they have the same goals against the United States, Israel and the West.
My only doubt is whether we are that out of choices as Brooks assumes. The possibility of a military action gives rise to a problem and the discussion with regard to its feasibility is not over yet, even in Israel. However, we have not used up the arsenal of economic reprisals. Don’t you think that, based on the character of the atomic war announced by Ahmedinejad, we can question an energy policy that is not only leading us to give them all chances to eliminate us, but to buy the energy that will kill us? Are we really that out of choices to deal with an enemy that lives thanks to the oil wee buy from it? What about the ideological effort? And the support to the civil society? And to the assistance, not to the terrorist government, but to the terrified men and women that dream of human rights and who are the real reins of consistent anti-totalitarianism? And diplomatic pressures? As has been said during the last months by dozens of considerate diplomats, as in Great Britain, with regard to the mullahs, too conciliatory, why not paying them back in their own coin? Why not expelling the bandits that are so common in their diplomatic representations?
The United States is involved in that absurd war against Iraq. It’s up to us, the Europeans, to take the lead.

Le Point (France)

Est-il encore possible d’arrêter les « fascislamistes » de Téhéran ?”, by Bernard Henri Lévy, Le Point, December 22, 2005.