As you already know from the dramatic coverage of the media, another left-wing thug became president of a South American country. This same thug may also be the downfall of Bolivia. Evo Morales, a radical socialist and a coca farmer is another tough guy leader who is getting some favorable press in the United States thanks to our own left-wing news media. His verbal attacks on President George W. Bush make American news reporters almost giddy with delight. It brings to mind the axiom: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
As with most communist politicians, Morales spent much of his campaign lashing out at America, capitalism and President Bush. Except for his campaign promise to legalize coca growing, he offers few insights into his plans to help the impoverished voters. During his campaign, Morales told the US press: “If the US wants to establish diplomatic relations with us, they have to be based on equal basis. The relationship cannot be the one of submission.”
While the White House may have problems inviting a thug like Morales, there are others in the US who are more than willing to welcome President Moralest and share his thoughts on a US President whom they hate more than Saddam Hussein. According to Morales, he has already received an invitation from Harvard University. Is this a surprise? Harvard University wants US military recruiters barred from its campus, but it warmly welcomes socialist thugs.
According to National Security experts, Morales’ electoral victory will further expedite destabilization of the South American continent. As a coca-leaf farmer, he is a natural allied of drug cartels, smugglers in Bolivia and neighboring countries. Since the cocaine extracted from Bolivian coca is sent to the United States and Western Europe, some Bolivians fear that, with a coca farmer as Bolivian President, their country might become the central platform for cocaine smuggling.
If Morales policy will increase cocaine smuggling on US streets, its government would be rightly considered by ourselves as a threat to our national security. And Morales’ rhetoric cannot hide the fact that the Bolivian army is a farce, even if it is judged from the French army’s point of view. Unlike his comrade in Venezuela who has his pockets full of oil, Bolivia has nothing that the US might either want or accept – except, of course, for drug addicts and the fauna of Hollywood that loves to powder their nose.

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