The categorical victory of Evo Morales has expended rivers of ink. The headlines of the world press highlight the indigenous origin of the new president and his ties with Castro and Chavez. All these ideas show the fears over Latin America due to the combination of indigenousness and populism. However, it is necessary to deal with some of our fears.
If Evo Morales won the elections so overwhelmingly, it was because he had the votes of the well-off class, which was anxious to put an end to social and political instability, and willing to vote for an “Aborigine” provided that order was restored. The vote for Morales was also a vote for punishment against the traditional parties, which were unable to face the major problems of the poorest nation of Latin America. Morales won because during the campaign he knew how to negotiate with different groups. MAS is not a disciplined party, it lacks experience of governance, and that is why Morales knows his weakness and is aware that social mobilization might hit him.
Morales’ statements do not relieve public opinion. He uses a language typical of the 60’s. Will his discourse be coherent with his actions? Will he increase the authoritarian trends like Hugo Chavez? Future will tell us.

ABC (Spain)

Un cóndor planea sobre los Andes”, by Carlos Malamud, ABC, January 2, 2006.