What is happening in the continent is alarming Washington’s allies. The right-wing policy, shortsighted and color-blind, wants to see the changes in Latin America as a “triumph” of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez. Some recommended even against this new “conspiracy” that methods of the 60’s and 70’s be used when Henry Kissinger empowered military dictatorships. It is the same right-wing that welcomed the atrocities committed by the tyrants from the South. Fifteen years after the demise of the former Soviet Union, all policies aimed at reestablishing national sovereignty are presented as “enemies”.
It is difficult for the right-wing to accept that the Latin American reaction is not due to pro-communist vagaries, but the response to the social situation. The center left-wing of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and now Bolivia, is seen as an appendix of Chavism, which is in turn seen associated to Castrism. But if the right-wing gets alarmed by the victories announced by the left-wing in Chile and Mexico is also, and above all, because Colombia will be the only ally of Washington in the continent.. As the former Argentinean President Raúl Alfonsín indicated: “The election of José Miguel Insulza as General Secretary of the Organization of American States and the subsequent defeat of the candidate backed by the Bush administration mark the declining trend of US leadership”. To this, it may also be added the US failure in Mar del Plata.

El Tiempo (Colombia)

Cambios en América Latina”, by Óscar Collazos, El Tiempo, January 5, 2006.