The brain haemorrhage suffered by Ariel Sharon is, perhaps, the worst disaster in Israel in the past 60 years. While I write these lines, Ariel Sharon’s health conditions are uncertain. Since it’s believed he won’t survive, going back to work is out of the agenda. What’s happened is regrettable because he had the possibility of stabilizing an Israeli political centre with the capacity to govern.
In the last generation, the left and the right have always offered the same alternative: the left wants to negotiate whereas the right says that’s impossible and that occupied territories must be annexed. In view of the failure of the Oslo process, used by the Palestinians to increase terrorism, Ariel Sharon’s idea was to develop a different policy including negotiation and the Great Israel. That’s why he made a unilateral division and built a wall to be separated from Palestinians. Thanks to this, attacks were reduced in 90% and a new boom of the Israeli economy took place.
Sharon had the popular support for this new policy and was about to win the elections with his new party. Unfortunately, only a few weeks have passed since its foundation and it will hardly survive without Sharon. It’s true the party does not depend on one man but his absence will be felt.

Washington Post (United States)

A Calamity for Israel”, by Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post, January 6, 2006.