According to recent information, Bin Laden got from a wrongly oriented Saudi religious man an edict authorizing him to use the nuclear weapon against the United States. With this, nothing can’t stop those who launched the September 11, 2001 attacks if they have the chance of multiplying a thousand times the number of deaths. Imagine the impact the explosion of an atomic bomb could have on New York, London, Paris, Sydney or Los Angeles, or worse, two or three bombs! Modern civilizations rest upon economic and technological bases terrorists want to destroy. Two bombs destroyed the tourist industry of Bali in 2002. What would the effect of a much more devastating attack be like? It’s time to recognize the danger that threatens us, a danger posed on our own existence and whose sources are Wahhabism and Salafism.
Islam is a tolerant religion which some fanatics try to turn into an odious religion. Unfortunately, Muslims and other believers have not succeeded in discrediting extremists. The best way to combat them is by explaining what Islam actually represents for Muslims and non-Muslims. It won’t be easy since we are dealing with a well financed ideology that is being backed by an excellent organization.
Sunni fundamentalist ideology includes, in general, the restoration of perfect Islam of ancient times, the imposition of an interpretation of the Islamic law, the transformation of Islam into a worldwide political system and the establishment of a caliphate extending from Morocco to the Philippines and Indonesia. To develop this project, they count on funds, structures, charitable organizations (usually financed by the Wahhabite petrodollars) and preachers educated in Saudi Arabia. To fight all these, we need a global campaign capable of uniting Muslims and non-Muslims. We must put forward our principles and fight an ideological battle. We need a world organization and Muslims must promote the “right Islam”.

Wall Street Journal (United States)

Right Islam vs. Wrong Islam”, by Abdurrahman Wahid, Wall Street Journal, December 30, 2005.