In the framework of the “strategic association”, the US allotted significant additional funds to Israel in order to increase its arsenal.

This way, in late December 2005, the US Congress approved a sum of 133 million dollars for the development of the Arrow missile project (photo), as well as the transfer of another 600 millions to Israel for common defence projects, in addition to what the Hebrew State receives annually.

In fact, under the pretext of creating an Israeli shield, the US is arming Israel against Iran. This is how 600 million dollars will be assigned to build drones, and purchase armoured transport vehicles and detection systems.

Also several US reports refer to the importance of those Arrow “anti-missile defence bases” (estimate range: 60-100 Km), which have two purposes: defensive and offensive.
Israel actively participates in the campaign that makes Iran satanic, accusing it, without any evidence, of wanting to produce the nuke in violation of the Non-proliferation Treaty. However, Israel is currently the only regional power illegally owning the atomic bomb. Consequently, it is Israel which really poses a threat to his neighbours.

“The deployment of defensive missiles is an essential element in the consolidation of our efforts to transform our defence, our deterrence policies and our ability to face new threats”, George W. Bush, December 17, 2002.