The European Union welcomes the successful holding on 25 January of elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC). The Palestinian people have demonstrated a clear commitment to determine their political future via democratic means. These elections saw impressive voter participation in an open and fairly-contested electoral process that was efficiently administered by the independent Palestinian Central Elections Commission.
The successful holding of these elections is an important step in strengthening Palestinian democracy and implementing Palestinian Roadmap obligations. The European Union appreciates measures taken by Israel to facilitate the holding of the PLC elections, including in East Jerusalem.
The European Union stands ready to continue to support Palestinian economic development and democratic state building. At the same time, the European Union expects the newly elected PLC to support the formation of a government committed to ending violence, a negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the rule of law, reform, and sound fiscal management. The European Union welcomes President Abbas’ commitment and leadership in this regard. The European Union reiterates its position that there is no place in a political process for groups or individuals who advocate violence. The European Union urges all factions to disarm, renounce violence, and recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Ref: 5738/06 (Presse 28)