At the beginning of the sixth year of the new millennium, Adolf Hitler has raised from the dead or, more exactly, has reincarnated as Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, a short and weak man like him, whose discourse follows the ideological line of Mein Kampf. But the difference between Hitler and Ahmedinejad is that the first failed just where the second is succeeding: the access to the atomic bomb. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and its president Mohammed El Baradei have proved that, Iran is about to get the nuclear weapon. This is what the Iranian clandestine programme is aimed at as it violates its international commitments. It’s been a long time since Iran stopped following the rules of the civilized world.
In view of president Ahmedinejad’s statements, the silence of the Muslim world is deafening. Nobody has raised his voice to criticize that call for genocide of Jews which brings about another problem: if the Arab-Muslim world does not react, what does the west do?, and above all, what does Europe do?, that Europe which suffered from the emergence and the end of Hitler’s madness: the Shoah. Answer: western democracies “condemn” and are “outraged” by the “scandalous” and, of course, “unacceptable” goals …but they don’t go beyond words. Iran’s non-existence is only comparable to their failure, the negotiations of the European troika have not succeeded. A few days ago, Iran announced it was going to resume its uranium enrichment activities.
Based on how things are going, Iran will have the bomb in one or two years and Ahmedinejad would be able to threaten Israel and moderate Arab countries which are friends of the West, apart from Turkey, our allied in NATO. In addition, he could give such weapons to his allied terrorists, such as the Hezbollah that could bring them to our cities. Then, the worst should be expected.
It can be argued that, up to now, Ahmedinejad is theoretically submitted to the authority of Ali Jamenei, a sort of Hindenburg with a turban. But, for how long? It will also be said that his positions will be weakened because of his own lack of moderation and, especially, the alliance established de facto between Americans and Shiites in Iraq. This might be true. But his accelerated speed places us in a position where we have to risk everything on one throw. We can’t let Ahmedinejad go on with his plans. The best thing would be a change of government in Iran but it seems that the necessary conditions are non-existent.
The UN Security Council must deal with this matter. It should not show its incompetence to act once again.

Le Figaro (France)
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Pourquoi il est urgent de répondre au défi iranien", by Pierre Lellouche and a group of thirteen UMP deputies, Le Figaro, January 12, 2006.